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I swear he runs on batteries - A open discussion about the TV show Heroes on NBC [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A open discussion about the TV show Heroes on NBC

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I swear he runs on batteries [Mar. 16th, 2009|12:22 pm]
A open discussion about the TV show Heroes on NBC


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3:19 PM 3/14/09 · Of all the characters on Heroes it remains Peter who's about the most interesting. Not just because he's the most emo of the emo·sapiens but in the way his powers have developed...

...and by "powers" I mean from his original ability to the one he has now.

Peter was originally the mislabelled empath, able to gain the powers of all those like him that came within a specific radius of him. The specifics on this radius was never specified and has the natural disadvantage that he would often pick up new powers and not even be aware of it. Given that he picked up DL's phasing ability, I'd guesstimate the range is about 50 yards or so.
In the final episode of the 1st chapter is the only time that DL and Peter were anywhere around each other and they were quite far apart.

My initial thought was that Peter only could pick up active powers, common arguments against that were Claire and Ted. The latter was easy, there's proof in loads of episodes that Ted's power never actually turns off. I reasoned Claire's regenerative abilities are also constantly on, being an unconcious ability, but that's not so easy to prove.

It was when Peter first used the phasing ability I tossed that theory. Regardless how far apart they may've been, DL wasn't using his power at that particular moment in time.

When he lost his power to get others powers I'd hoped the potion that Pinehearst was developing would allow him to get it back but that hasn't proven to be the case. Peter has a variant ability of an extremly limited range. He can only copy powers of anyone that he's in physical contact with. However, unlike before, he can hold onto only one power template at a time...

...the moment he gets a new ability the previous goes away.

Observations of the various emo·sapiens shows that abilities can become more advanced over time and not just from a finer control of whatever it is. It's possible that Peter may get a better handle on this new power he has, possibly to hold onto more than one power at a time. The power he has now seems remarkably similar to the power his father had so possibly it could develop along those lines as well, though that would mean he would begin to steal powers rather than just copy them.

I dunno.

It is kind of cool that he can only have one power, other than his own, at a time now. Just not sure if it will remain that way. I suspect fans may have a problem with Sylar being the most character of the series from this point on...

...until Mr. Muggles eventually makes his play for supreme power, anyway.