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apple doesn't fall far from the tree - A open discussion about the TV show Heroes on NBC [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A open discussion about the TV show Heroes on NBC

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apple doesn't fall far from the tree [Mar. 6th, 2009|01:17 pm]
A open discussion about the TV show Heroes on NBC


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10:06 PM 3/4/09 · So apparently Sylar's father has the same power he does...which I'm basing by that flashback in the last episode and that sneak peek for next week's. We see his father slash his mother's head open, killing her, in that special way Sylar loves to do.

Next week's episode, after they finally meet, we hear a voice on the edge of deseration screaming "Give me that power!"

It wasn't Sylar.

This brings up interesting possibilities.

Sylar, Peter as he used to be, and Arthur Petrelli (before he croaked) all possess variations of the same power. Sylar's "hunger is a separate aspect, not really a power pe se, and not neccesary for this part of my analysis. They all have the ability to use the powers of others...evn though they displayed it in different ways. Pete's was the most efficient and while I still balk at the usage of the term empath in relation to what he does, it kinda works. Peter feels too much for so many and that's why his ability allowed him to take on the abilities of all those around him. Arthur was an emotional void, unable to much care about anyone else which is why the empathic aspect didn't work for him and he basically developed into a power leech (interestingly in a much more pronounced way of Peter's current ability). As for Sylar...

...well, he's just a sociopath. He had to learn how to be empathic and even then he couldn't remain that way for long. As it was, he only really cared about Elle which is why he didn't gain the powers of anyone else around him at the time he learned how to.

Which is fine for him. He prefers the bloody path anyway.

Sylar's father, who we know little of anything about and I'm just inferring like crazy here, seems to have the same ability Sylar does. Very likely, he's got the hunger too. That would explain the outburst...though not how you might think.

The hunger isn't a drive to gain more powers. It's all about knowing how things work. The ability to intuit at an insane degree. An insatiable ability to know. Sylar worked out how to take power in the manner he prefers through his overwhelming compulsion to know the workings of things. Sure, he wanted more powers too; guy overcompensates like there's no tomorrow sometimes. We see some of this when Peter gained the hunger briefly in how he killed the future version of Nathan and as to how he attacked his mother...

...because he already had noth of their powers but the hunger was driving him to understand why they were making the decisions they were making and the best way to do that was to look at their brains.

It doesn't have to make sense to us. It just does for the hunger.

Sylar was driven to get more powers because something was lacking in his life. He felt particularly ordinary, bland, and uninteresting. He wanted to be special. He's mostly over that now, only really seeming to kill other emo·sapiens when he sees a particular power in them he wants. Just getting more powers isn't enough for him anymore.

If his father has the same compulsion to gain powers it likely stems from a similar sense of lacking, though probably not the same one Sylar had. The fact he's striving to be as far away from people as possible might show his trying to cope with his need for powers. If he's not tempted then he doesn't need to kill. Given the empath (argh!) methodolgy, Sylar's father probably has emotional issues as well.

The cutting the head open thing is interesting. It's not telekinesis. For awhile I figured Sylar picked it up along the way with his other abilities and then we saw during Villains exactly where. That kid Elle introduced him to had a sonic projection ability, his little finger guns, which Sylar probably adapted given his ability to work things out and how to improve on them.

Why simply shoot when he can slice?

His father has the same ability, which isn't too improbable given the number of repeat abilities seen in the series. For awhile I thought it might be an extra power that comes with the whole hunger package...but I don't anymore. Given how Sylar went about accessing a brain the first time around it just doesn't quite work.

[User Picture]From: bellavaruka
2009-03-27 11:15 pm (UTC)


I love your commentary and theories.

I gave up Heroes for a while there because it was just so... disappointing. However, a lucky streak of boredom and a marathon just happening to start where I'd left off has me all caught up again (er, minus the most recent which I'm about to watch...) and I must have missed something. Did Hiro get his powers back? The last thing I remember was Ando and Hiro finding Matt's babysitter..? @_@ Maybe it'll explain in this next episode... x_x I shouldn't hit "post" now... ah well.
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[User Picture]From: evilgrins
2009-03-28 09:36 pm (UTC)

Re: re-watcher

Matt's kid has the power to turn things off and on and it's apparently not limited to electronics. Funny thing, he made a toy airplane fly that shouldn't have been able to...

...anyway, he reactivated Hiro's power...sorta.

He can freeze time again but that's all.
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