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A open discussion about the TV show Heroes on NBC

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saw something in the previews for this week's episode [Mar. 25th, 2009|12:51 pm]
A open discussion about the TV show Heroes on NBC


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9:08 PM 3/23/09 · I'm watching Heroes right now, 1st commercial break, and I can't wait to see what's going to to go down this time. There's already been a few surprises...

...and it's not even XMAS yet.

I've been wondering something regarding Sylar. Since the previous chapter we know that he can use his power the way Peter used to be able to if he can establish an emotional connection with someone. That kid with the microwave projection power, whose name I'm blanking on at the moment, hung with Sylar for a bit. If they cover it in tonight's episode I may put this bit in an LJ·cut, or remove it altogether depending, but do you think they became comfortable enough with each other that Sylar has his power now even though he didn't kill the kid?

9:30 PM 3/23/09 · Micah being Rebel was what I was hoping. There was always the chance it could've been someone else, introducing a new character, but I was really hoping it wasn't. We've only seen two people with this particular ability, admittedly using it differently in both cases, and I'm glad it was someone we already knew...

...and it just makes so much sense given Tracey's involvement. They may not have any direct ties but she is technically his aunt.

I just hope this doesn't work against him. He's been so careful thus far and I'd hate for him to lose that for his desire to save the woman that looks like his mother.

9:37 PM 3/23/09 · Baby Matt Parkman is too cute. The whole scene in the closet was adorable enough, reminded me a bit of E.T>, but his ability to turn things on and off is really cool. Doesn't explain how it made that toy plane fly, seeing as given what I could see of it I don't think it was actually designed to literally get off the ground, but giving Hiro his power back was great...

...and here we are again with another variant. Much like Peter not exactly having the same power anymore, Hiro seems able to manipulate time but no longer teleport. So far he's just freezing the chronal procession in his immediate area but I think with practice he'll see there more to it than just that. Hell, maybe a boost from Ando every so often can rush the process somewhat.

9:47 PM 3/23/09 · It's always nice to see Peter, hands down my favorite emo·sapien, but that was just a bit much. Not that I thought she'd do well in custody and I was almost hoping to discover Grandma Petrelli had a more offensive aspect to her ability, though I can't imagine what, but his coming to save her was just kinda overdoing it...

...although, given that near the beginning of the episode she's talking down about Peter this did make for a nice ironic twist.

10:00 PM 3/23/09 · Tracey's swan song was beautiful, an amazing display. I'm not sure if she froze those guards in place or they were killed on the spot but I am sure that despite appearances that she's not dead.

Yeah, the bullet shattered her frozen form but I find it a tad unlikely if that remnant of her face blinked like that and it wasn't a hint that she might've survived.

Matt's flying thru me for a loop and I was really wondering if maybe he actually had taken on more abilities in his new role of prophet. Really glad that didn't turn out to be the case. Kinda got the feeling that Daphny was on her deathbed, that the sepsis of he wound was just untreatable and Matt was making her passing bearable. Given the reintroduction of his wife to the series and his child with powers to boot, I guess losing our little speedster was just a given...

...which still kinda sucks.

10:26 PM 3/23/09 · The question I asked outside of the LJ·cut may still be valid but the thing I mentioned in the subject line has been cleared up. The energy blast I saw in a commercial a couple days back turned out to be Ando discovering his ability can be used offensively as well as charge people up.