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A open discussion about the TV show Heroes on NBC

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close enough [Mar. 11th, 2009|12:30 pm]
A open discussion about the TV show Heroes on NBC


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7:47 PM 3/10/09 · Okay, clearly Sylar's father does have the exact same power he did, initially anyway, but apparently age retards the effectiveness of some abilities as it does with so many other bodily funtions. While Dad clearly killed his wife with that same power Sylar cuts into skulls with...

...well, given that he had a knife all prepped to get into Sylar's head that one wasn't quite so up to snuff anymore.

Frankly, I'm not at all surprised the way things went down. There was no way they were gonna make peace or bond or anything like that. I was very amused who they chose to play his father. After playing Lionel Luthor, the Devil, and a number of other morally challenged individuals this was just too perfect.

A new power to content with. Directed pointing and a creepy little whistle to immobilize one's prey. He probably had other powers as well but whether they'd atrophied with time or he just didn't have call to bring them up I can't even begin to guess.

He pinned Sylar to the wall with telekinetic directed arrows and immobilized him with the whistle. Not sure how long he was down for but I can't imagine it was that long. Either a combination of his other abilities allowed him to recover so fast or possibily the healing ability...though I doubt it.

Other than the arrows in his upper torso, regenerating couldn't do much of anything to that immobilization dealio.

That would've had to be some kinda knife. The human skull is not something you can just cut into with any old pointy things.

Something Dad said stuck with me. That after a long time he just sort of lost any kind of purpose. With that gone he just didn't see the point in gaining more abilities. However the moment he saw that Sylar could heal his drive returned. I'm wondering if that was more about the fact it could've cured him of his afflictions (why is it we see so many people with oxygen tanks that still smoke?) or that the potential for immortality could give him time to find a new purpose.

Each time that Sylar has been actively doing stuff it's because he had a focus. Everytime he loses track of what it is he wants to do...he becomes lost. It literally seems to suck all the energy out of him and I'm not talking powers.

Something to consider.